Devra Braun, M.D. is a Board Certified psychiatrist who provides integrative care for mind and body in a tranquil professional setting. She has been at Integrative Medicine and Psychotherapy of Greenwich (IMAP) since founding it in 2002.

What can you expect when you consult with Dr. Braun?

  • A sensitive but comprehensive diagnostic evaluation
  • A collaborative discussion of treatment options.

Dr. Braun will work with you to develop a treatment plan that feels right for you but meets high standards for medical excellence. Individualized treatment options include any or all of the following: targeted psychotherapy, prescription medications and non-medication stress management techniques. She has specialized training in providing evidence-based integrative medicine techniques designed to boost emotion regulation and stress management. These include guided mindfulness and visualization exercises.

What is a mind-body or integrative approach to psychological wellness and healing?

Either physical injuries (such as infections) or emotional injuries (such as relationship loss) can trigger stress reactions that change the brain and body at a physiological level. Regardless of whether the triggers are biological or psychological in nature, severe or chronic stress reactions can have lasting, even lifelong biological effects. Extreme stress can cause molecular changes in the brain that can change which particular genes are active for a period of time. The good news is that, although traumatic life experiences can change gene activity, so can new experiences and learning: “Psychotherapy can change the brain.” Eric Kandel, Nobel laureate in medicine 2000.

Integrative psychological treatments aim to take the whole person into account– the activity of their brain and body as well as the activity of the parts of the mind that we are consciously aware of. Integrative therapies work at both the “psychological” level of the mind and the physical level of the body to cause comprehensive transformations.

How is the mind related to the body?

“The only way to separate the mind from the body is with a guillotine”

Dabney Ewin, MD, FACS, Clinical Professor of Surgery and Psychiatry, Tulane University Medical School.