Devra Braun MD, has been published in many prominent medical journals and textbooks.

Evidence-Based Treatment for Eating Disorders 2014:  Chapter 13, “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Bulimia Nervosa” This chapter can be downloaded without charge on Nova Website via Open Access.

Dr. Braun’s chapter on cognitive behavioral treatment of bulimia was updated for the 2014 second edition of the popular textbook Evidence-Based Treatment for Eating Disorders. The editor of The International Journal of Eating Disorders, Michael Strober, commended the book as follows: “The value of this well-written and comprehensive text owes to its internationally-recognized group of contributors….”

Primary Psychiatry

Dr. Braun was the lead author of the article “ADHD in Adults: Clinical Information for Primary Care Physicians” written to educate other doctors about ADHD and how to treat it. It appeared in the peer-reviewed journal Primary Psychiatry

Other Publications

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